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Computer Application and Integration in Design and Planning (C.I.K.)
| Matthias Habdank

ANYWHERE project meeting in Leipzig 21-24 May 2019

Around 60 participants from the 31 partners of the EU project ANYWHERE met in Leipzig for the eighth consortium meeting. In addition to the exchange of experience between users, researchers and developers on developed pilot applications, another focus was on strategy development for the commercialization of ANYWHERE solutions.

The C.I.K. group, represented by Matthias Habdank, presented the Common Information Space (CIS), a platform for establishing a common information space, in Leipzig. The focus was on the dissemination and marketing of recommendations for action and innovative solutions against the background of self-protection in extreme weather situations. The developed solution has shown that by using innovative collaboration and communication technologies stakeholders can share their expertise, use synergy effects and publish contributions.

The University for the Information Society