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Computer Application and Integration in Design and Planning (C.I.K.)
| Matthias Habdank

New large-format 3D printers for the University of Paderborn

The proDruck project "3D printing - Industry 4.0 technology - as a means of inclusion for people with disabilities in the world of work", which was already launched in October 2018, will be able to realize even larger components in the future with additional 3D printers. Since the current state of the printers is mostly limited to a size of about 20x20x20 cm³, not all tasks and target fields that arose could be served within the framework of the project. An increase request made new acquisitions possible, with a volume of approx. 100.000€.

Two new makes of the company BigRep from Berlin are now available to the University of Paderborn. The BigRep One is the first printer in serial production, which offers an installation space of about 1m³ (1 x 1 x 1m³). The ability to process two materials simultaneously also opens up further areas of application. The second printer is the somewhat smaller BigRep Studio. It has a volume of 100 x 50 x 50 cm³. Like the larger machine, it can process two materials.



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