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Public Safety & Security

The projects cover a broad spectrum of topics in the field of public safety and security. The C.I.K. drives research as project coordinator and partner in many projects:

The BMBF-funded project TEAMWORK aims to enhance the cooperation of Emergency Services and the Population, by the interactive simulation of crises.

The EU project eNOTICE aims to build a dynamic, functional and sustainable pan European network of CBRN training centres, testing and demonstration sites (CBRN TC) strengthening capacity building in training and users-driven innovation and research, based on well-identified needs.

The principal objective of ANYWHERE is to enable society as a whole and the main civil protection agencies to respond more rapidly than today to extreme climate and weather events, and to better cope with the high social, environmental and economic impacts related to these extremes.

The EU project TOXI-triage explores integrated and adaptive measures to toxic emergencies for rapid triage. A roadmap from causalty to patient to survivor will be engineered.

EmerGent intends to understand the impact of social media on emergency management with a special focus on information quality.

Semantic models and taxonomies build a bridge to SecInCoRe that envisages a pan-European inventory of relevant information and the dynamic and secure cloud based provision of this inventory.
Interkom enhances the communication between cities of the Ruhr area and between the authorities and citizens.

Interkom aims to invigorate the safety situation of people in urban agglomeration and to stabilise these regions in a crisis situation. The communication between authorities and the population.

RescueLab builds up on these results and extends them to support all actors in preparing, controlling and observing as well as debriefing training exercises.

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