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The significance of information management is strongly growing concerning the background of an engineer. It supports people in all phases of the product life cycle. The C.I.K. offers a suitable practical education for students in this field. This is indicated by seminar offers as well as in lectures and exercises.

The C.I.K. engages in conveying basics of technical drawing during the first phase of a mechanical engineering study. Furthermore students are offered seminars to deepen their knowledge. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Product Data Management (PDM) are particularly included in these continuative courses. Additionally, there is a course on ‘Computer Aided Engineering for higher programming languages’ and on ‘standard software for mechanical engineers’.

In a second main focus the C.I.K. conveys well-grounded knowledge in the area of Quality Management (QM) from an engineering perspective. Thereby theoretical Contents are supplemented with results from research papers that are realised by students in cooperation with companies.

In addition the C.I.K. offers students the possibility to acquire knowledge focused on information management for public safety & security. This is presented with the example of an emergency management. Consequently knowledge is created that can be used in this domain or can be transferred to other complex fields of activity.

Advanced E-Learning Award

Das C.I.K. wurde im WS 2017/2018 für den Einsatz von innovativen E-Learning Methoden in der Lehrveranstaltung Technische Darstellung mit dem Advanced E-Learning Award ausgezeichnet.


Computer Application and Integration in Design and Planning

safety innovation center gGmbH

safety innovation center gGmbH

The University for the Information Society